About Us

The Northern Ireland Council for Racial Equality (NICRE) was set up on 27th February 2017 as result of the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities (NICEM) going into voluntary administration due to severe cash-flow challenges.

The previous member groups of NICEM felt strongly that their voice had suddenly disappeared. These and other ethnic minority groups strongly felt that the loss of NICEM was a setback to progressing the policy work achieved over the last two decades in Northern Ireland. After reflections and meetings, they were determined to continue the work previously by NICEM. This led to the establishment of NICRE, a new umbrella body to represent their voice on racial equality, racism and racist violence in Northern Ireland.

NICRE has been established in the political context of Brexit and no functional government in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is moving towards more political, economic and social uncertainty. Migrants from both EU and non-EU countries have fears about their jobs, travel, pension, benefits, and above all about the prejudice and racism that can be experienced in their workplaces and neighbourhoods.

In a democratic society, basic human rights protection and equality for all is one of the few key measures to benchmark the progress of society. Where are our rights under the Good Friday Agreement and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights when Brexit kicks-in? Not only will our voice disappear, but the voice of the wider society too.



NICRE’s vision is of a society where human rights are respected and guaranteed.



NICRE’s mission is of a society that is fair and inclusive, where there is racial equality and justice for all.



To promote good race relations and to endeavour the elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of human rights and racial equality.