1. International human rights norms

Devolution in the UK created a national Parliament in Scotland, a national Assembly in Wales and a national Assembly in Northern Ireland. This process transferred, and continues to transfer, varying levels of power from the UK Parliament to the 4 nations of the devolved administration.  This complex transfer of power disguise the United Kingdom as a whole in terms of law, policy and practice under the treaty bodies Convention obligation for full implementation to all the devolved governments. We urge the UK Government as the matters of urgency to ask the 4 nations of the UK government in the future report to provide information on all areas of devolved policy and good practice within their jurisdiction in order to compile with the Reporting mechanism of the treaty bodies Convention.

Despite the clear links and overlap between UPR recommendations and recent conclusion observations from treaty bodies, there is little evidence that the UK Government is taking a co-ordinated, cross-government approach to its obligations under the international human rights framework.

NICRE urge the UK Government ratifying Article 14 of individual petition rights under CEDAW to the rest of treaty bodies. NICRE also urge the UK Government step up process of reviewing the reservations made to the international human rights treaties.

NICRE submission on UN Universal Periodic Review 2022