Human Rights Protection in Post-Brexit Northern Ireland – Friday, 28 June 2019 at UNISON Galway House

This year we have lined up with the All Party Assembly Working Group on Ethnic Minority Community and the Transitional Justice Institute of the Ulster University under the Theme: Human Rights Protection in Post-Brexit Northern Ireland. We have Professor Rory O’Connell, the Director of the Institute, who will deliver the keynote speech “Overview of the Human Rights Protection in Post-Brexit Northern Ireland”.

There are four sub-theme and a Panel Discussion with the political parties in Northern Ireland. These are:

1. Devolution, Human Rights and Good Friday Agreement:
“Human Rights Protection in post-Brexit- the case for human rights protection in the island of Ireland – Les Allamby (to be confirmed) Chief Commissioner, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

2. Brexit, Migration and Worker’s Rights:
“Migration and post-Brexit Worker’s Rights”
Professor Dagmar Schiek, QUB

“Employers’ perspective on post-Brexit Migration in Northern Ireland”
Dr. Owen Sims, CBI

3. Migration, Border and Security:
“Border- Economy, Security and Relationships – a quick assessment in post-Brexit arrangement”
Dr. Katy Hayward, QUB

“Policing EU Exit”
Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Stephen Martin (to be confirmed)

4. Brexit, Islamophobia and Hate:
“Brexit, Islamophobia and Hate in Northern Ireland”
Raied Al-Wazzan, Belfast Islamic Centre

“Brexit and Hate Crime”
Richard Williams (to be confirmed)
Chair, Ethnic Minority Police Association
Police Service of Northern Ireland

The Panel Discussion with politicians will be at the first session after lunch.

We do provide a bursary to BAME people, unemployed and student. Details programme and registration form could be reached by email to

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