NICRE Briefing Paper on Race Equality Motion

The following Motion will be debated on Monday, 14 September 2020 at 4pm with live stream at the Assembly Chamber

Motion: Race Equality
That this Assembly recognises that the Racial Equality Strategy 2015 – 2025 was not fully implemented and is now significantly outdated; acknowledges the commitment contained in New Decade, New Approach to the publication of a new and updated racial equality strategy within 100 days of the restoration of the Assembly; further recognises the positive contribution made to society by those from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds; deplores the discrimination Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities face regularly; condemns racism in all its forms; commits to act urgently on the forthcoming report on the review of hate crime legislation; calls for the promotion of an anti-racism ethos in our schools; and further calls on the Executive to formulate and implement urgently a meaningful racial equality strategy.

Ms Emma Sheerin

Ms Martina Anderson

Mr Colm Gildernew

Ms Linda Dillon

The Speaker has selected the following Amendment for debate:
Amendment 1
Leave out all after ‘further calls’ and insert:

‘on the First Minister and deputy First Minister to set up a working group with members of the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities to co-design and co-produce an updated racial equality strategy and to publish a timetable for the implementation of the strategy.’

[Mr Paula Bradshaw]

[Ms Kellie Armstrong]

NICRE briefing paper on Race Equality Motion