NICRE Briefing Paper on the Review of Hate Crime legislation in Northern Ireland

NICRE Briefing Paper on the Review of Hate Crime in Northern Ireland
Appendix-Yellow Invasion leaflet

Last month, the DoJ announced the above review and the appointment of Judge Desmond Marrinan to lead the Review Team and its Reference Group. This is an important Review which I encourage your participation in different stage of the processes. We facilitate this process by producing this Briefing Paper for your information. Since the paper is 18 pages long, I would rather like to meet you and your group in the format of meeting and/or seminar to discuss this important review on our rights under both the EU Law, in particular the Victims Rights Directive. If your community has a specific issue or issues on hate crime, feel free to call me with my details below. We would like to collect more information on different types of hate crime as well as low level of intimidation and name calling.