Profile of Dr Azadeh Sobout

Dr Azadeh Sobout currently leads NICRE’s work on Advocacy and Support for the Survivors of Islamophobic Hate Crime. The purpose of the project is to support survivors of Islamophobic Hate from within the Muslim community through Advocacy, Advice and Support of individual needs, with particular focus on women, refugees and asylum seekers. The project aims to develop a local Muslim support network to tackle Islamophobia and to address underreporting and the related barriers to criminal justice system through the following objectives:
1. Awareness raising for Muslim communities on access to justice and underreporting on hate crime and hate speech;
2. Confidence building measures through capacity building and leadership development programmes for local Muslim community;
3. Participation in Action Research in scoping the issues and needs of Muslim community on the impacts of Islamophobia; and

4. Share experiences and practice with other local and regional civil society organisations.

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